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Do I need a referral for a Speech-LanguageTherapy (SLT) appointment?


No you don't need a referral for an appointment. Just contact me via email, phone or text and we can arrange a time to meet up.


Where do you work?


I'm a mobile SLT so I can come to whichever location suits you best, either your home, pre-school, kindergarten or school.


What does the first visit involve and how long are the sessions?


The first visit is called the initial assessment. I will start by chatting to the parent/carer about the child's developmental history and what the child's strengths and weakness are. Primarily I'm looking to find out what you are concerned about so that I can then carry out an assessment. Assessments can be done in a variety of ways and settings, using toys, picture books, conversation and observation. After the assessment we will chat about the next step and answer any questions that you have. All this can usually take about an hour.


What can I do to help support the therapy?


What we do in the sessions is a mixture of teaching and assessing. I'm teaching the child new skills and demonstrating to the parent/career skills that they can then transfer into everyday life. Then assessing the child's response to therapy and so we can know when to move onto the next goal. This is crucially important to the success of therapy. All of the adults in a child's life play a role in supporting the therapy on a daily basis. So in between therapy sessions I ask the parent/carer to help their child practise the skills we are working on in order to reach the goals.


If my child is waiting for or seeing an SLT through the public system, can they use Talking Point SLT as well?


Yes you can. We can be working on improving your child's communication while you wait for a public service or even continue at the same time you receive the service. However I do ask to be able to liaise with the public SLT for professional continuity.


What shall I do if I need to cancel an appointment?


Contact me by text, phone or email as soon as possible and preferably 24 hours before an appointment, so that I can offer that appointment slot to someone else.


How can I contact you?


Please telephone or text me on: 0225247302 (02claire02)

Please email at:

Please use my contact page on this website.


I look forward to hearing from you!

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